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Analyst Ratings Cross the 12,000 Mark

As shown below, there are currently 12,052 analyst ratings for S&P 500 stocks, which equates to 24 ratings per stock in the index.  Of those 12,052 analyst ratings, 6,038 (50.1%) are Buy ratings, 747 are Sell ratings, and 5,267 are Hold ratings.  Clearly analysts are a bullish bunch, but the current Buy/Sell/Hold breakdown is pretty much inline with where it always is.

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Below is a breakdown of analyst ratings by sector in terms of coverage.  As shown, Technology is the most widely covered sector at 30.1 ratings per stock.  Energy ranks second at 28.3 ratings per stock, followed by Telecom at 26.6 and Consumer Discretionary at 25.2.  Utilities and Materials are the least covered sectors at 18.9 and 19.4 ratings per stock, respectively.

Finally, below we show the percentage of total ratings that are Buys by sector.  As shown, analysts are most bullish on Health Care with 58.3% Buy ratings.  Energy ranks second at 55.7% Buy ratings, followed by Technology at 54.5%, Industrials at 51.9% and Consumer Discretionary at 51.1%.  Analysts are least bullish on Utilities with just 35.3% Buy ratings.  Telecom, Materials, Consumer Staples and Financials all have a smaller percentage of Buy ratings than the S&P 500 as a whole as well.