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Long-Term Sector Charts

With the move we've seen in the Health Care and consumer sectors lately, we thought it would be worthwhile to post long-term charts of the ten S&P 500 sectors so you can see exactly where things stand in relation to prior highs and lows.  The charts below go back to 1990.  Sectors in green are at new all-time highs, while sectors in red have yet to make new highs.  

We've certainly seen an explosion higher for Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples and Health Care, and just glancing at the charts, it's hard not to think they're due for a pullback.  The next closest sector to reaching new all-time highs is Industrials, followed by Energy, Materials and Utilities.  At the bottom of the barrel are Telecom, Technology and Financials.  While Telecom is an extremely small sector, Technology and Financials are the two biggest sectors of the market.  Both had epic busts and now have a long way back to new highs.  New highs that are more than likely years or decades away.