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Apple vs. Samsung

Apple's main competitor right now in the mobile market is Samsung, but unfortunately Samsung's stock doesn't trade on US exchanges as an ADR, so hardly anyone here even looks at the stock.  To show investors how the Apple/Samsung battle has been playing out in the stock market, we pulled the price data for both companies (Samsung trades in South Korea) and compared their short-term and long-term performance numbers.

As shown below, even with its recent pullback, Apple has crushed Samsung over the last ten years.  Apple's stock is up 5,749% since the start of 2003, while Samsung's stock is up just 373%.

The performance numbers start to get a little tighter if we only go back to the start of the current bull market, however.  Here, Apple had a huge lead up until the end of 2012, but since then the spread has tightened significantly.  Even still, Apple has outperformed Samsung by more than 200 percentage points since March 2009. 

The last year is where Samsung has shined.  As shown below, since last March, Samsung is up 22%, while Apple is down 27%.