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The Most Loved and Hated Stocks and Sectors

On the following pages is an updated look at analyst ratings for S&P 500 stocks.  In the S&P 500 alone, there are 11,618 analyst ratings, or an average of 23.24 ratings per stock.  Of these 11,618 ratings, 50.8% are Buys, 42.9% are Holds, and just 6.3% are Sells.

The Technology sector has the most amount of analyst coverage at an average of 28.7 ratings per stock.  Energy isn’t far behind at 28.5 ratings per stock.  The Utilities, Materials, and (surprisingly) Industrials sectors have the least amount of analyst coverage.

Below we have filtered the S&P 500 to find stocks that are the most loved by analysts and also have high Bespoke Stock Scores, which looks at a stock’s fundamentals, sentiment and technicals.  To make the list, the stock has to have at least ten analysts covering the stock.  The 16 stocks below have at least 75% Buy ratings and a Bespoke Stock Score that is greater than 70, which we consider a bullish threshold.

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