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Highest Yielding Technology Stocks

It used to be that technology and dividends were two terms that mixed together as well as oil and water.  In this world of exceptionally low interest rates, though, even the Technology sector has its fair share of stocks that have relatively attractive yields.  

There are currently 28 stocks in the S&P 500 Technology sector that have a yield of more than 2%.  In a sector with just 70 stocks, that means that 40% of the stocks in the sector have a payout greater than the US 10-Year US Treasury.  Even Apple (AAPL), which many investors say is being too stingy with its cash, pays shareholders more than Uncle Sam pays its lenders.  There are also now six stocks in the sector that have payouts that are more than twice the yield on the 10-year.  The most notable of these is Intel (INTC), which sports a yield of 4.35%.