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Bespoke Premium - Your Go-To Resource During Earnings Season

It's difficult enough to stay on top of the release dates for stocks in your portfolios, but figuring out what to do with a stock both before and right after it reports earnings is a whole different story.  With the fourth quarter reporting period starting today, we want to make sure you're aware of the many unique and actionable earnings season reports available to you if you sign up for our Bespoke Premium service.  Below is a list of the earnings-season related products included with a membership to Bespoke Premium, which you can try out for free by clicking on the button below!

Be sure to click on the thumbnail images to see samples of each report.

Bespoke's Interactive Earnings Season Calendar

Our Interactive Earnings Season Calendar is unique in that it not only highlights the expected report dates, time of day and current EPS estimates for all of the companies set to report over the next two months, but it also provides historical earnings report data for each stock.  For each stock in the calendar, we show its historical earnings and revenue beat rate, its historical guidance patterns, and finally, how the stock has historically traded in reaction to its reports.  The calendar comes in both PDF and Excel formats.

Earnings Season B.I.G. Tips reports

Throughout earnings season, we publish numerous reports analyzing both macro and stock specific earnings-related themes.  Some of our most widely followed charts have to do with earnings and revenue beat rates and the spread between companies raising and lowering guidance.   

Bespoke's Earnings Estimate Revisions Report

This weekly report provides a unique look at the ups and downs of expected earnings for sectors and stocks.  Future earnings are a key driver of stock prices, and many investors constantly search for stocks or sectors that are seeing increases in their earnings estimates.  This report provides a detailed list of stocks that have seen their earnings estimates raised or lowered over the past month.  We also combine the estimate changes for stocks to summarize which sectors are looking better or worse.  Finding stocks with strong earnings outlooks is very important for professional investors.  This report provides that information in a clear, concise manner.

Daily Triple Plays Report

Our daily Earnings Triple Plays report highlights all of the stocks that have reported triple plays over the last 40 days.  An earnings triple is a term coined by Bespoke for a stock that beats earnings estimates, beats revenue estimates, and raises guidance on its most recent earnings report.  Triple plays are considered the cream of the crop during earnings season, and we continuously track them for long opportunities.  This report allows Premium members to track triple plays on a daily basis.  Price charts of the new triple plays each day are included in the report as well.

Bespoke Morning Lineup

Our Morning Lineup is an extremely popular report that traders use each morning before the open.  This report has everything you need to get you ready for the trading day, and in regards to earnings, it highlights the results of the key companies that have reported over the last twelve hours.   Click the image below to see just how informative our Morning Lineup really is:

All of the earnings-related reports listed above come with a Bespoke Premium membership.  If you're interested in our complete earnings package, however, you'll also want access to our renowned Interactive Earnings Report Database, which is part of our Premium Plus service.  This database (in Excel format) provides detailed quarterly earnings report analysis for over 2,700 stocks.  We take earnings analysis to the next level by not only highlighting how the actual reports compare to analyst estimates, but also how the stock price reacted to the report.  Users of this database can easily find how a stock or basket of stocks typically reacts to earnings in order to prepare themselves for future quarterly releases.  Traders can also see how stocks trade after opening up or down on earnings to develop trade ideas.  If IBM opens down $2 on earnings, what does the stock typically do next?  This database can answer that question and much more for the majority of US stocks that trade today.  To see a snapshot of how the database looks in Excel, click on the thumbnail below.  Remember, to access this database, you'll need to sign up for a Premium Plus membership.