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Asset Class Performance to Start the Year

Below we highlight our key ETF matrix, which shows the recent performance of various asset classes.  Stocks in the US have gotten off to a great start to the year.  US index ETFs are up 3%+ across the board, which is better than the 1-2% returns we've seen for other countries so far in 2013.  Midcaps (IJH) and smallcaps (IJR) continue to outperform their largecap brethren, and growth is slightly outperforming value.

Looking at sectors, Financials, Materials, Health Care and Industrials are leading the way so far in 2013, while Utilities, Telecom and Technology are lagging.  Technology continues to struggle due to Apple's (AAPL) weakness.  The rest of Tech has actually been strong.

The euro currency ETF (FXE) has gained a bit so far this year, while the yen (FXY) and pound (FXB) are down.  Gold (GLD) is now flat year to date, while oil (USO) has posted a nice gain.  Finally, Treasury and other fixed income ETFs that we track are down across the board to start the year.