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Bespoke's Top Stocks Under $10 Per Share

Since the end of 2011, each quarter we have been publishing a list of Russell 3000 stocks trading under $10 per share that Bespoke finds attractive based on our own fundamental, valuation and technical screening process.  Throughout 2012, the portfolio of most attractive stocks under $10 per share was up 21.1% versus a gain of 15.2% for the S&P 500 and 18.7% for the Russell 2000.

On Wednesday, we published an updated list of attractive stocks trading under $10, which was highlighted on CNBC on Thursday.  Three of the names highlighted in the segment were Boston Scientific (BSX), Taser (TASR), and United Online (UNTD).  To hear some of the reasons we find these names attractive, please click on the image below.  In addition to these three names, our list also includes 17 other names that we did not discuss in the segment.  The complete list is available to all Bespoke Premium subscribers, so if you are not yet a client and would like to see the list, sign up for a free trial to Bespoke Premium today.