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Looking For Action? S&P 1500 Most Volatile Stocks

For traders with a more short-term time horizon who are looking for big day-to-day moves, we have updated our list of the S&P 1500 stocks trading above $10 that have the largest intraday high-low ranges (based on the average percent spread between the intraday high and low over the last 50 days).  The stocks are grouped based on whether they have a rising or falling 50-day moving average (DMA).  Stocks highlighted in gray are new to the list this month.

Over the last several weeks, there have been two notable positive shifts in the complexion of this list.  The first is that the most volatile stocks are getting a lot less volatile.  Of the fifty stocks shown, only ten have an average daily high/low spread of 5% or more.  Back in June, nearly half the stocks on the list had average intraday ranges of 5% or more.  The second big difference involves the fact that most of the stocks on the list are in uptrends (rising 50-DMA) as opposed to downtrends (falling 50-DMA).  Again, back in June, the number of stocks in uptrends and downtrends was nearly the exact opposite.

In terms of individual stocks, First Solar (FSLR) and Green Mountain (GMCR) are surprisingly in uptrends and both have average daily ranges of more than 6%.  Another interesting new addition to this month's list is JC Penney (JCP), which is on the list of stocks with rising 50-DMAs.  Although the stock has been largely written off for dead by many, shares of JCP have risen from $19 to $29 in less than two months!

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