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Happy Birthday Bull Market!

Today marks the third anniversary of the end of the big bad bear market of 2008-2009, and the beginning of the current bull market that began on 3/9/09.  Believe it or not, while some investors still refuse to acknowledge that we are in a bull market, the current bull now ranks as the ninth longest ever.  It is also the only bull market in history that lasted three or more years and was up 100% or more during the first three years.

Why not celebrate the three year anniversary of the bull market by playing a game of Collapse!?

Collapse! is the commemorative game of the Financial Crisis that takes a light hearted approach to some very serious events.  The game allows players to re-live the tension, anxiety, and second guessing characterized by this crazy period in history, but also to never forget just how bad things got.  While global markets currently find themselves in a frenzy over the debt crisis in Europe, Collapse! allows investors to relive and reminisce about our own "bad old days."

In the game of Collapse!, each of the 54 blocks highlights one of the factors or events that helped create the crisis or hasten its escalation.  What better way to relive the financial turmoil than to grab some family or friends and try to build your own financial fortress that's too big to fail!  After stacking the blocks (the included instructions provide a useful frame), players take turns pulling them out one by one until the entire structure collapses!

The 54 blocks in each commemorative game fit nicely into a sleek wooden box that makes an excellent display at your office, your home study, or even your child's toy room.  Collapse! is an excellent gift for clients, friends, or family members, and serves as a great collector's item and history lesson of the financial crisis.

Order yours today!

As an added bonus, all new Bespoke Premium Annual subscribers will receive Collapse! for free, so subscribe today!