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2012 Country Stock Market Performance

Below we highlight the year to date stock market performance for 78 countries around the world. 

The average year to date performance of the 78 countries listed below currently stands at 6.82%, with 66 of 78 (85%) in the black.  Venezuela is up the most at 36.95%, followed by Vietnam at 26.30% and Russia at 21.69%.  Bangladesh is down the most at -18.51%, followed by Sri Lanka at -9.92% and Slovakia at -6.74%.

Of the G7 countries, Japan is surprisingly up the most in 2012 with a gain of 13.25%.  With a gain of 7.55%, the US ranks 4th out of the G7 countries behind Japan, Germany and Italy.  Canada has been the worst performing G7 country in 2012 with a gain of 3.11%.

While the BRICs underperformed last year, all four are outperforming the US in 2012.

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