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Bespoke's Top Stocks Under $10

At the end of December, we published a list of 17 Russell 3000 stocks trading under $10 per share that had positive valuations/ fundamentals as well as attractive price charts.   On an equalweighted basis, this basket of stocks is up an average of 22.85% so far this year, compared to a gain of 11.58% for the S&P 500.  Over the course of the quarter, five of these names also graduated from the under $10 class as they are now trading in the double-digits.

With the new quarter now upon us, we have once again ran our screen of the Top Stocks Under $10.  The eighteen names highlighted below are all stocks that once again fit the criteria we outlined in the first paragraph.   As shown, four of the names (shaded) on the list were also on last quarter’s list.  We would note, however, that just because a stock from last quarter may not be on this quarter’s list, it does not necessarily mean the stock is now unattractive.   Instead, there are now some other stocks that currently look more attractive.  

For each stock listed in the table below, we have also provided its average daily volume along with each company’s market cap.   We would note that some of these stocks have relatively low average daily volumes and/or low market caps.  Therefore, in addition to advising clients to do their own research before making any buy/sell decisions, we would also stress the importance of using limit orders with any trading decisions you make.

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