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Asset Class Performance in February, YTD

Below we highlight our matrix of key ETFs, which shows the performance of various asset classes over the last week, month, and YTD.  With a new month upon us, we thought readers may be interested in seeing where things stand.

In the US, the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) has performed the best of the major indices in 2012.  Small caps have actually done the worst.  Looking at sectors, Technology and Financials are up the most in 2012, while Utilities is the only sector that's down.  Looking at just February, the Materials sector is the only one that saw declines.

International markets have done very well this year.  Most of the country ETFs shown are outperforming the US.  Looking at commodities, silver is up the most YTD, while natural gas is down the most.  And while the 20-Year+ Treasury ETF (TLT) was up the most out of any ETF shown in 2011, it's down 3.15% so far in 2012.