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Apple Big Declines

Apple (AAPL) suffered its biggest decline since December 17th, 2008 today with a fall of 6.43%.  Its decline in market cap of roughly $36 billion today alone was the equivalent of two Dell’s going all the way to $0!   As the biggest stock in the world, the stock’s decline cost the S&P 500 a whopping 3.5 index points.  A large number of investors and portfolio managers are underperforming the S&P 500 in 2012, and with less than a month left in the year, they’re trying to play catch-up.  Those that own AAPL, and a large percentage do, certainly went in the other direction today.

Below we highlight the instances in which Apple has had a one-day decline between 6% and 10% since the iPod was introduced back in 2001.  There have only been 30 prior occurrences since then, which is remarkable in and of itself.   On the following day, the stock has averaged a...

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