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Small Majority Thinks We'll Go Over the Cliff

Yesterday we asked Bespoke readers whether they thought we would go over the "Fiscal Cliff" or not.  As shown below, a small majority of 52% think we will go over the cliff at the end of the year.  Of the 473 respondents, 48% said that a deal would be done by the end of the year to avert going over the cliff.

Based on this survey, investors appear split on whether or not the White House and the House of Representatives can come to an agreement before the end of the year.  We've heard some commentary recently suggesting that the market has already "priced in" the negative impact of going over the cliff, but to us, this survey proves otherwise.  Nearly half of the participants in our survey think we won't go over the cliff.  If we assume that their portfolios are positioned accordingly, then these investors will likely have some selling to do if a deal is not done.

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