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Dividend Yields of DJIA Components

The table below lists the current dividend yields of the thirty components of the DJIA.  With a yield of 5.3%, shares of AT&T have the highest payout of the thirty stocks.  AT&T is followed by Verizon (VZ) and Intel (INTC) as the only three stocks yielding more than 4%.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Not only does INTC yield 4.4%, but it is also the third highest yielding stock in the Dow.  Ten years ago, INTC paid a token dividend of 2 cents per share per quarter.  Over the last decade, though, the company has increased the dividend by more than 1000%.  That increase, coupled with the fact that the stock has been a market laggard, has pushed the stock from near the bottom to near the top in terms of dividend payouts.

Right behind INTC, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) also sports a healthy yield of 4.0%.  The stock, however, is anything but healthy.  At the start of 2012, shares of HPQ were trading at nearly twice their current price and yielding just 2%.  Since then, the stock's dividend yield has doubled, but nearly all of the increase in its yield has come as a result of the lower share price rather than an increase in its dividend.

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