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Country Stock Market Performance Year to Date

Below we highlight the year-to-date performance of the major equity indices for 78 countries (in local currencies).  Just a few weeks ago, the majority of countries were in the black for the year, but as of now, just 10 out of 78 are in positive territory for 2011.  

While things have been horrendous here in the US, they have actually been much worse in other parts of the world.  In fact, the S&P 500's YTD performance of -6.77% is better than all other G7 and BRIC countries.  Canada is the second best performing G7 country year to date with a decline of 9.92%.  Italy ranks last with a decline of -22.07%.

Out of all 78 countries, Venezuela ranks first in 2011 with a gain of 42.57%.  Finland ranks last with a decline of 31.3%.  Of the BRIC countries, Russia ranks first with a decline of 9.31%, while Brazil ranks last with a decline of 26.19%.  China, which had been one of the weaker performing countries in 2011 up until just a few weeks ago, is now one of the better performers with a decline of 10.04%.  India, the final BRIC, is down 17.8% year to date.

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