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Asset Class Performance During the Six-Week Pullback

For those interested, below we provide a table showing the performance of key ETFs across all asset classes over three time periods -- the last week, since the market peaked on April 29th, and year to date.

Since equities peaked at the end of April, smallcap stocks have underperformed largercaps, which is typical during pullbacks.  You also typically see growth underperform value when the market pulls back, but that hasn't been the case this time around.  The S&P 500 growth ETF (IVW) is down 5.92% since 4/29, while the S&P 500 value ETF (IVE) is down 7.18%.  Looking at sectors, the Financial ETF (XLF) is down the most since 4/29 with a decline of 9.46%, while the Utilities ETF (XLU) is down the least at -0.57%.  Outside of the US, the Italy ETF (EWI) is down the most since 4/29 at -12.75%, while Australia (EWA) is also down more than 10%.  Hong Kong (EWH) has held up the best since 4/29 with a decline of 4.55%.  

The silver ETF (SLV) is down the most of any asset class shown in the table with a whopping decline of nearly 25% since 4/29.  Oil (USO) is down the second-most of any asset class shown at -13.47%.  Along with the Yen (FXY) and Natural Gas (UNG), the only other asset class that has seen gains since the end of April has been fixed income.  The 20-year+ Treasury ETF (TLT) is up the most of any ETF shown since 4/29 with a gain of 3.46%, while the 7-10 year Treasury ETF (IEF) is up the second-most with a gain of 2.88%.

Over the last week, Italy (EWI) is down the most of any ETF shown with a decline of 5.64%, while Russia (RSX) is up the most of any ETF with a gain of 2.34%.  Year to date, India (INP) is down the most at -13.70%, while Silver (SLV) is up the most at 16.80%.

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