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TM, BP, GS -- Where Are They Now?

Toyota Motor, BP, and Goldman Sachs all experienced public relations nightmares in 2010.  Toyota Motor (TM) had its gas pedal problems last January, BP had the Deepwater Horizon oil spill during the spring/summer, and Goldman Sachs had SEC fraud charges to deal with last April.

All three companies saw major hits to their share prices on these news events.  Toyota went from the low $90s to the low $70s in a couple of weeks, bounced back some, and then moved steadily lower throughout the summer.  BP was more than cut in half in just over two months throughout the oil spill drama.  And Goldman fell nearly $25 on the day the charges were announced (4/16/10) followed by an additional $30 decline in the subsequent months leading up to the $550 million settlement that was announced on July 15th. 

So where are shares of these companies trading now?  You'd probably be surprised to see just how much they have all come back in such a short amount of time.  

As shown below, Toyota Motor has been on a tear lately, and it is now less than $1 away from completely wiping out the big down gap it saw in the midst of its pedal problems.   From its 2010 lows, TM is up nearly 27%, and a few more strong days will put the January 2010 nightmare in the rear view.

BP has also made a pretty remarkable comeback from its 2010 lows.  After a great start to 2011, BP is now up more than 80% from its June 25th closing low of $27.02.  The stock was trading at $60 prior to the well blowout, so it needs about $10 to get back to pre-spill levels.

Finally, Goldman is currently up 33.5% from its 2010 low, and it needs to gain just 5.3% to officially put its fraud lawsuit behind it.  


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The other Deepwater Horizon stocks such as RIG and HAL would also be good options for this post. Both are up significantly off their 2010 lows.

January 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

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